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A Lawsuit Against Dick Lee Pastry Ends With Largest Wage Theft Settlement in San Francisco

Dick Lee Pastry, Inc., a restaurant which offers an all you can eat buffet in San Francisco, has just entered into a settlement in the wage theft case filed against it by the municipal attorney of the city. The $525,000 settlement is the largest one so far secured in a case involving wage theft in San Francisco.

The lawsuit was filed against Dick Lee Pastry for several reports of unpaid overtime and wage theft by its employees. One of the its former workers who resigned from the restaurant after five years said that she would usually work 11 hours a day for six days a week. The problem was when she received her paycheck she would only get paid for three hours per day. Not only is the said employee not paid for the overtime that she is legally entitled to, she is even paid less than the required minimum wage set by law.

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