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The number of lawsuits filed by employees against their employers for wage and hour disputes have continued to increase over the past year. According to the statistics of the Federal Judicial Center, there has been a 10% increase in the number of wage and hour lawsuits filed from the period of April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013. Based on their numbers, 7,764 federal wage and hour lawsuits were filed within the said period which is up from the 7,064 lawsuits filed in the previous period. The increase in the number of wage and hour suits can be taken as both a good and a bad sign. On the positive note, it is well worth considering that the number of lawsuits filed by employees means that more and more of them are taking a stand for their rights to receive the proper wages that they deserve. On the other hand, the large number of wage and hour lawsuits mean that there are still many more businesses and employers who are committing these violations against their employees.

The wage and hour lawsuits are commonly divided into three categories: The first is hourly workers claiming that they were not properly paid for all the hours that they worked, the second is salaried workers who say that they were not paid for the overtime work that the did, and lastly, tipped minimum wage employees who claim that the accumulated tips they have received did not reach the minimum wage as provided by law. There have been a lot of speculation about why this increase has come about over recent years. Below are some of the factors which have likely caused the spike in the number of wage and hour lawsuits today.

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